All marosapiens have the ability to shift from their humanoid form into a hulking form of their animal type, but these transformations demand constant nourishment and require a significant amount of training to gain enough control to master the additional three forms: savage, bestial, and natural. Those who can achieve all five forms typically exist within a humanoid form, are able display specific animal characteristics in a savage form, take advantage of both natures in a hybrid bestial form, assume a hulking animal form, or slyly adopt the standard sized natural form of their animal type. Each form has specific advantages and can be achieved with, and are detailed within, the Therianthropy proficiency.


The most dominant species of marosapien, the canimaro made up the bulk of the Muru armies, and are by far the most numerous and prolific. Wolves were originally the only species created, but their pack mentality proved to be a social hindrance, so coyote, fox, and jackal species were introduced to provide a greater range of group dynamics and physical capabilities. Powerful, quick, and tactically instinctual, the canimaro make for excellent soldiers, though leadership among them is problematic as it is the most alpha based of all the marosapien.