Avianoid, Rinrin

Living in the high mountains is a race of avianoids that thrive at the top of the world. Innovative and insular, they’ve constructed a safe haven far from everyone in the boughs of huge qiousa trees running along a massive ridge between the highest peaks on Nalren. With a love for poetry, song, and story, […]

Amphibioid, Geroan

Fighting their way up the mountain to settle in the high cliffs, the Geroans are a peaceful people interested in trade and social cooperation. Living in small communities around deep mountain lakes, they farm various types of fish and water plants, ensuring that everyone has a role and resources are shared to provide for all. […]

Mekris, Velgrun

Conceived in violence and often abandoned in the wilds, Velgrun result from a union of one of the pure or half races and humanoid monsters (orcs, goblins, etc.). They’re far more abomination than race, with a mix of characteristics that can greatly affect their appearance towards one lineage or the other. More common along wild […]

Mekris, Reken

So rare as to be considered mythical or absurd, depending on whom you ask, Reken are the offspring of an elven-dwarven union. The result of this mixed lineage is an angry outsider whose barely controlled rage bubbles just beneath the surface. Content to keep their bloodline a secret to the best of their abilities, they […]

Mekris, Feyuel

Half-elf and half-human, Feyuel are a very pretty race who prefer the grandeur of Imperial cities over the more intimate familial covens of the Silverbourne. They tend to be pranksters with a mean sense of humor, infectious jovial laugh, and a talent for musical instruments, who always strive to be the center of attention. While […]

Mekris, Dwurg

Half-human and half-dwarf, the dwurg are a fairly well-accepted halfbreed race stereotypically viewed as dimwitted and steered towards lifetime military service. In truth, they tend towards apathy, lacking in creativity and concerning themselves only with the things in front of them and ignoring most else, making them excellent soldiers. While unions are far more common […]

Human, Gul-Horde

Considered to be a primitive and savage people by most in the Empire, the Gul-Horde are a very loose alliance of barbarian clans inhabiting the sloped plains of the upper northwest. Covered in a variety of hardy trees, some growing up to towering heights, cold and rainy for most of the year, the land is […]

Human, Malkean

One of the Malikal Empire’s founding races on Kendi, Malkean men were once enslaved by the orc tribes; the Empire they’ve built with the Steel Hill dwarves will ensure that such a thing never happens again. A prideful people that see the world in black and white terms, outsiders are either with them or against […]

Halfling, Veilian

The deep midwestern valleys of northern Kendi hold a little secret. Hidden in the rough frontier that separates the Empire from the dregs is a race of agrarian halflings. These little folk have managed to stay out of the violent history of the continent by making their homes within grassy hillocks, cultivating food in small […]

Elf, Silverbourne

In the forests of central Kendi are a race of long-lived elves with an innate talent for magic and a love for horticulture. All of their architecture is grown to meet their needs, incorporating all the essentials of life, food, water, and shelter, into a communal, self-sustaining dwelling. They are a scholarly people with a […]