Half-human and half-dwarf, the dwurg are a fairly well-accepted halfbreed race stereotypically viewed as dimwitted and steered towards lifetime military service. In truth, they tend towards apathy, lacking in creativity and concerning themselves only with the things in front of them and ignoring most else, making them excellent soldiers. While unions are far more common between Steel Hill dwarves and Malkeans than any other combination, it is rare for these unions to produce children at all. Dwurg are better accepted in the heart of the Empire, where their acceptance of following orders is respected than among other dwarves who consider them simpleton laborers.


Agility: 9
Strength: 8
Constitution: 9
Knowledge: 6
Perception: 9
Influence: 8

Move Modifier: 7

Heal Modifier: 7

Attribute Points: 6

Story Points: 5

Mekris Dwurg

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