First appearing during the war for the Holy Isle, the Noc turned the tide against the Jagin, allowing the Krey to reach the island first. What should have been terrifying visages of walking dead were instead viewed as soldiers, allies to one side and enemies to the other. Retaining a will and consciousness of their own, the Noc represent a cure for death as provided by the Wizard-Lich Noctern. Despite their role in the war and proclaiming a devotion to Soelz, consuming living flesh to heal caused the Noc to be left out of the Soelzen Confederacy. Retreating to the south, Noctern established a home for her people on the cradle’s far southern shores. Refining her magic, she gave her followers the ability to absorb life energy to heal, removing that impediment to acceptance. But it wasn’t until the Noc sacrificed many of their numbers fighting back a wave of ogres, ancient enemies of the Jagin, who emerged from the Stoughland Forest before they could reach the cradle that they gained recognition, officially joining the Hegemony.


Agility: 8
Strength: 8
Constitution: 10
Knowledge: 7
Perception: 8
Influence: 6

Move Modifier: 6

Heal Modifier: 3

Attribute Points: 3

Story Points: 4

Noc Undead

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