Stories of what brought the giants down on the Krey in the Bitterstan Timberlands range from calling forbidden magics to the mechanizations of the shadow. Somewhere among them is the tale of the Krint. Attempts to create soldiers using magic, in the manner of the World Aspects, resulted in a single stunning success – a being capable of shifting between human, wolf, and hybrid wolf forms. Except that they have two different minds, with a complete lack of awareness between their human and wolf and hybrid wolf forms. Passed down through generations, this ability is difficult to hide as anything from an emotional response to injury might trigger a change. Able to take a hybrid animal form beginning in early adolescence, they can learn to transform into a hulking and natural wolf form with training. Wolfkin can usually mix in with smaller populations, try to make close friends with whom they bond, and much prefer the wide-open spaces of Arloron to run.


Agility: 8
Strength: 8
Constitution: 9
Knowledge: 7
Perception: 9
Influence: 8

Move Modifier: 5

Heal Modifier: 5

Attribute Points: 2

Story Points: 3

Wolfkin Krint

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