A selection of skills related to careers that are typically used to support a particular specialty. Most of these skills have a time and training requirement that involves apprenticeships and studies, thus they are intended to be picked up during character generation rather than during level advancement. Within the description of each is an explanation of the skill and a list of viable skill trees where they can be slotted. Each individual skill has an associated attribute that is used as the base score, adding the skill tree points and any modifiers to determine its overall score.

Unlike those in the standard trees, these skills are purchased individually and then may be added into a skill tree that is owned by the character, per the description. Those listed with an (S) are specialties that require a parent skill purchase. As character’s advance and put points into the skill tree they may achieve Expert and Master level abilities in these skills. When purchased during character generation, each of these skills cost one (1) Build Point. Afterwards, they are purchased at a 3:1 ratio, three skill points for one Background skill.

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