Playing in the SpellJammer Campaign Settings affords the opportunity to play any available race on a connected campaign world. Because of this, there is no limit to the number of available races from which players may choose. That being said, there are a number of races that are specific to this setting.

Though there is no life native to the Ethereal Realm, because it touches all places in the universe, including the various aspects of the Astral Realm and the numerous worlds of the Material Realm, it has become a kind of migratory convergence. Many pass through to journey elsewhere, but there are places in the Ethereal Sea where generations have settled, adapting to the tides and flows of the realm.

In its vastness, there are colonies, civilizations, empires, and vast fleets alongside individual vessels of explorers and treasure hunters. The races included here are those that have established a lasting presence in the expansive phlogiston, evolving differences from their terrestrial or astral brethren to call the Ethereal Sea home.

This list is not complete and is limited only by player imagination.

Truly, the Ethereal Sea provides an unlimited array of races.