Elves inhabit many worlds accessed through the crystal spheres in the Etheral Sea, and all of them have a natural link to the Astral realm. It is this link that provides them with a natural affinity for magic, seeming supernatural gifts, and preternatural long lives. Long ago, a group of elves chose to abandon the Material realm, migrating fully into the Astral to be closer to the gods. Existing on the edges of the Empyrean domain, the almost nonexistent flow of time extended their long lives, granting them a  practical immortal. Unfortunately, mortals gifted with immortality, even long-lived ones, grew bored, leading groups to explore the Ethereal Sea, where they found a universe to explore and experience.


Agility: 9
Strength: 7
Constitution: 8
Knowledge: 9
Perception: 8
Influence: 6

Move Modifier: 5

Heal Modifier: 4

Attribute Points: 3

Story Points: 4

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Astral Elf

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