All marosapiens have the ability to shift from their humanoid form into a hulking form of their animal type, but these transformations demand constant nourishment and require a significant amount of training to gain enough control to master the additional three forms: savage, bestial, and natural. Those who can achieve all five forms typically exist within a humanoid form, are able display specific animal characteristics in a savage form, take advantage of both natures in a hybrid bestial form, assume a hulking animal form, or slyly adopt the standard sized natural form of their animal type. Each form has specific advantages and can be achieved with, and are detailed within, the Therianthropy proficiency.


Encompassing a number of species including lion, tiger, leopard, puma, and panther, among others, the felimaro were created to be hunters and scouts. Selected for both their physical characteristics and natural talents, they are able to adapt easily to different situations, are effective alone and in groups, and have sociopathic traits that serve them well in times of war, but makes a civil life difficult at times.