World of Klaea simple logo image.

Klaea is a world of incredible beauty and infinite danger that is home to numerous species, terrifying monsters, and impressive magics. It is a place where shining knights patrol battlefields, bloodthirsty pirates evade potent navy’s, and adventurers who set off to find new lands and great treasures rarely ever return. With so much diversity among it’s people and provinces, almost every kind of role can be found here for those willing to look.

But newcomers to Klaea be warned, it is a world in its first age, still recovering from the throes of creation. Inconceivable powers continue to influence the lands and it’s inhabitants, with a malignant darkness seeping through cracks in its foundation to consume the weak and corrupt the mighty.

As if the dangers of the world were not enough, two powerful nations have arisen and gone to war. Political, religious, and moral differences ensure that leaders of these potent factions will never find peace in an ideological accord, leaving the only option conquest and annihilation. With each side making ever more frequent and bloody forays into the other’s territory, anything from a skirmish to full-on warfare can erupt almost anywhere at any time, engulfing all in the vicinity regardless of their affiliation.

This is especially hazardous for the societies who have resisted these regimes, maintaining their neutrality through diplomacy or discord. Whether it is supernatural powers, or constant cultural clashes, on Klaea, bloodshed is never far enough away.

Although written for the Legacy of Adventure roleplaying game system, the World of Klaea is designed to be system agnostic, with the available options limited only by your imagination.