My Writing Distractions author Image of Chuck in Sith robes with his apprentice Jadis.

Hi, I’m Chuck. Among other things, I’m a writer, but this site isn’t for that. This one is for other things that I do when I should be writing. The problem is that my wife preaches brand consistency and she’s pretty darn smart, so listen to her…mostly.

You see, what I did here is a method of brand refresh sometimes called evolving. I didn’t change my logo, I just added a little to it to differentiate this site from my writing site. It’s fun and silly and mostly for me so I don’t really care if it’s dumb.

This site is more gaming oriented. Tabletop roleplaying to be specific. Although it’s configured like the other page, you should probably mouse around to find stuff. Or don’t, it’s up to you. If you came here by accident, there’s a link in the footer that will take you over to the Writing Site. Have fun!

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My Writing Distractions LoA Rules title card image.

A skill based Roleplaying Game (RPG) that focuses on roleplay and storytelling. This game system is all about the journey--after the last adventure is run, how will your character be remembered?

My Writing Distractions setting title card for Star Wars: Deadlock.

It's a period of intergalactic tension. Escalating ideological and political differences are threatening the two hundred and fifty years of tenuous peace since the Battle of Exogol.

My Writing Distractions setting title card for the World of Klaea.

In a world defined by steel and magic, the Malikal Empire and Sunborn Hegemony of Almathea exist in a constant state of war, battling for control over the mysterious island continent of Nalren.

My Writing Distractions setting title card for Blazar.

A diverse space opera RPG setting filled with alien races, exotic locales, and entire civilizations to explore. Characters are able to gear up, find a ship, and set out to leave their mark on the Galaxy.

My Writing Distractions setting title card for Spelljammer.

When one world is not enough to satiate the need to explore and adventure, the Ethereal Sea provides a universe of new places, fabulous treasures, and mortal dangers.

My Writing Distractions setting title card for Criminals and Crime Fighters.

It's an era of heroes. From the rise of super powered beings defending Steel City to the villains holding Fortune City hostage, good and evil battle for world domination.