SpellJammer Ethereal Sea ships image

When one world is not enough to satiate the need for exploration, discovery, and adventure, the SpellJammer Campaign Setting provides a fantasy universe of opportunities. Between the Material Realm that makes up the physical world and the supernatural domain of the Astral Realm exists a place known as the Ethereal Realm. Existing adjacent to both, the Ethereal Realm is a substructure for the foundation of reality, touching all places in the universe.

Those brave enough to board a magically powered vessel that sets sail in the Ethereal Sea will find a place filled with fantastic civilizations, vicious pirates, despotic empires, and terrifying monsters. And if that were not thrilling enough, tides, currents, and storms rage unpredictably threatening to batter these ships to pieces.

Setting sail in this expansive landscape of infinite fog, swirling colors, and twinkling lights, may be dangerous, but within it are even more opportunities for discovery. Hidden away in this swirling vortex of color are an unknown number of faceted crystal spheres. Each of these is a different world, with the facets providing a gateway to a localized landscape ripe for discovery and exploration.

Journey to the dragon filled skies of Krynn, trade with the kingdoms of Grayhawk, explore the deserts of Athas, there is no limit to the adventures and treasures that can be found. But not all who set sail in the Ethereal Sea seek adventure. For some each new world represents a new opportunity for conquest, the chance to build a power base and subjugate all who get in their way.

Although written for the Legacy of Adventure roleplaying game system, this take on the SpellJammer Campaign setting is designed to be system agnostic, with the available options limited only by your imagination.