LoA title image for character creation pages.

Creating a player character is the most important aspect of any roleplaying game. These are the individual personas that represent the players in the game, complete with a specific set of attributes and abilities that determines their overall functions. While it is up to the player to bring these personas to life, this system is designed to be flexible to allow players to design characters to fit their vision.

Character creation begins with one question:

“What kind of character do I want to play?”

LoA Character creation, figure drawn, then inked, and then colored.

This can be a difficult question to answer. A player might choose to base their character on a favorite personality from a book, movie, or TV show, or design one who is entirely unique. Group dynamics are important, but should never stand in the way of character creation. No one in the group should ever have to sacrifice a character concept to balance a group; a good GM will provide inventive characters with options to overcome any deficiency.

In order to create a character, players will need to consult the setting information for available species and roles. These are defining elements that could vary greatly.

There are multiple steps to Character Creation, from downloading the character sheet to making selections to finalizing the stats. The sections are separated into three parts, Attribute, Build, and Story, each assigned a number of points that allows the player to fully customize the character.

Attribute Points are listed with the Species information and typically found within the setting that will be used. They are used during character creation to increase any of the base attribute scores.

Build Points are used during character creation to purchase skill trees and skills. All characters begin play with 40 build points and may spend them as they see fit, with details included with the Roles that will be used in setting.

Story Points are primarily used to determine a character’s Wealth Class and Social Status, which has a significant effect on everything from starting gear to how the character is perceived by the people in the setting. In addition, story points can be purchased and spent with Advantages and Disadvantages for further customization, or to purchase premade Background Packages that represent a set of characteristics common to a group of people who share a similar lifestyle or life experiences. 

Download the character sheet. This is a fillable PDF, you may need to install Adobe Reader if the fields are not working.