LoA Title Image for the Elemental Land Strider Spellbook section.

Elemental land exists as one of the four universal foundations of existence. Its realm exists in harmony with other elements and lies closest to the physical world. Dirt, stone, plants, trees, they all touch the realm of land, bound by a kinship that gives the natural world form. During character generation, players get a number of starting spells equal to the Knowledge score /2, rounded down. New spells may be acquired during gameplay, by spending skill slots to purchase spells at a 2:1 ratio (2 skill slots for 1 spell).

Players may choose only one spellbook during character generation, limited to their Magic Foundation, or one of the two variants. It is from this spellbook that all starting spells will come. Although defined as a book, the collection of spells could be a series of intricate knots, tattoos, cards, etc., and can be based on culture, school, or master, limited by the player’s imagination. The most important thing is that the formulaic processes of the spell exist in some physical form.

It should be noted that a series of Scholarly background skills are required for both acquiring new spells and the basic ability to read from the spellbook. These include, but are not limited to, Archivist, (S) Bookbinding, (S) Scribing, Language – Magic, and (S) Literacy – Magic. Of course, some of this depends on the nature of the spellbook, Profession skills such as Artistry and (S) Tattooing, or Crafting skills such as Tailoring and (S) Weaving could be substituted.

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