Nature is more than just the circle of life, it includes the powerful forces that underlie creation. Druids serve as both the keepers of nature and the enforcer of its harsh laws. They draw their abilities and magic from the natural world, are extremely adaptable, and capable of unleashing a spectrum of regenerative and destructive forces. Each of the specialties focuses on a different aspect of nature, including spirit, plant, animal, and stone, with access to the Life Warden and Death Eater (Blighted Druid) spellbooks.

After a specialty skill tree has been acquired during character generation, players are able to purchase a number of novice skills to enhance their overall capabilities based on the number of build points they have remaining. More advanced Expert and Master level skills can be purchased after a specific number of skill tree points have been gained after level advancement, and may require some specific prerequisite skills.  All skills that are available to be purchased are included in the specialty.

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