The manner in which all hivryn view and are viewed by the people of the galaxy is largely dependent on their hive. There are three active hives across the galaxy, claiming more than than 10,000 systems. With the most expansive territory and by far the largest populations, they’re influence on galactic trade cannot be understated and it is only the role focus dominant in their civilizations and continued ability to expand into unexplored areas through the Lattice that keeps them from overrunning the galaxy.

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Aggressive. Domineering. Warmongering. Cruel. The Kiavehr (key-ah-vair) Hive is known for pushing boundaries with no respect for the territory claims of the other races. With strained relations across the galaxy, especially the other hives, if there is a conflict, this hive is most likely involved.

Holding to the old ways, the Kiavehr regent is a single, aged matriarch who presides over all the fertile females as Queen and makes unilateral decisions that guide the hive. All their egg chambers and hatcheries are constructed underground without the aid of technology–this is a point of pride among the Kiavehr, believing that this traditional method of reproduction makes for a stronger stock. All species are kept segregated throughout hatching and larval molting, finally integrating as they reach maturation and take their roles in the hive. The Kiavehr are the only hivryn that continually produces a high number of kretin, integrating them among the niahni drones when they are not needed for war.

Although they inhabit a number of worlds, the Kiavehr are best known for asteroid mining and are considered the foremost experts in low gravity industry and combat. In the scope of galactic trade, Kiavher hives are the largest suppliers or raw and refined resources, especially mineral, carbon, and crystalline.

The Queen takes hive membership seriously and those who leave the hive are hunted–while rewards are often offered for rogue niahni and hterig, hunting parties are actively sent for rogue kretin. Because the other hives are seen as being weak for their use of technology in reproduction, the Queen will very rarely accept rogues of other hives, preferring to kill them.

The Hrendin actively seek to convince talented rogues from their hive or others to join them, and have been known to integrate skilled and accomplished members of other races into their hive by association. There are groups dedicated to seeking out those whom the hive might find useful and convince them to join, but much like they do with territory, they are known to abandon these people once their usefulness runs out, which has given the hive a reputation for being unscrupulous. Many of the Hrendin rogues are traders, running their own shops or otherwise being directly involved in galactic commerce.