Now that the character has a race and role, this section is all about taking these stereotypical qualities and fleshing out the details to distinguish them from all the other people in the galaxy. In other words, it’s time to give the character a story. This includes putting together a background history and determining things like Reputation, Motivation, Personality, and Family.

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The character’s background will shape their interactions in the game and provide a base roleplay perspective. Nothing brings a character to life quite like a rich and detailed back story. In the following sections are all of the tools necessary to begin building a character background, but before we get to determining important factors like Wealth Class, Social Status, and the optional Advantages and Disadvantages, it’s best to get an idea of the type of person they are, and that almost always starts with an Occupation.

The important thing to remember about backgrounds is that they do not define a character’s present status, rather they establish where the character came from and the path they took to become adventurers.


Very few people set out to become adventurers, more often than not a life of adventure is something that finds them. It’s possible, and even likely, for a character to have started on a different path, something stable, steady, and safe…

A job. A career. A trade.

Deciding on an occupation helps to provide a basis for prioritizing Wealth Class and Social Status. A person who grew up in a family of farmers is likely to become a farmer, that life could be part of the catalyst that sent them into adventuring. With this in mind, a general list of example occupations is listed within each wealth class.