Resourceful and efficient pilots within diverse sets of mechanizen combat armor that are designed around a mobile attack structure has long brought fear to opponents. At one time, centurions made up the bulk of mech infantry, using quick strike capabilities and their ability to get around the field of battle to better manage the tide of battle and turn it in their favor. In addition to their combat effectiveness, the mobility of these mechs allows them to serve the pedestrian purpose of delivering combatant experienced pilots past enemy lines to make specific strikes, adding yet another level to their already versatile role.

Build Notes

Between it’s mobility and the various Mech Combat attack skills, characters who pick up this role are able to make immediate use of their mech, beyond that the Armed Combat specialty allows for a degree of effectiveness outside of the mech. It is possible to trade out the Armed Combat specialty for Ranged Combat, or change this focus entirely by moving to Technocracy, Scoutcraft, or Medicine; any of which provide different degrees of versatility that fit well within the overall role.

Skill Trees

Mech Combat
(15 + 6 skills = 21 points)
• Elude
• Gunnery
• Hopping
• Piloting
• Scrape
• Skewer

Armed Combat
(10 + 3 skill = 13 points)
• Evade
• Swing
• Weapon Proficiency

(3 skill = 3 points)
• Goad
• Intimidation
• Observation

(3 skills = 3 points)
• Dodge
• Shoot
• Weapon Proficiency

Starting Gear

In addition to being mech pilots, Centurions also have combat training, making them extremely versatile combatants; except for those at the lowest wealth level, these characters begin with a mech, melee weapon, ranged weapon, and traveler pack, the quality of which is based on the starting wealth class. These gear packs do not have a specific monetary value, rather they are designed to ensure that starting characters have the basic gear they need to begin play. Substitutes for items of a roughly equal value may be made with GM approval.

♦ Impoverished
♦ Working Class
♦ Professional
♦ Capitalist
♦ Magnate
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