Not all combatants need weapons to be effective in combat, some rely instead on making brutal strikes and vicious moves to take down their opponents. Tenacious, patient, and intense, they are adept at avoiding hits while moving about the field of combat looking for an opportunity, attacking ferociously when it comes. More than anything else, those in this role go for quick knockouts and disabling attacks, relying on their allies to keep the attention of their opponents while they get into position.

Build Notes

The combination of Unarmed Combat and Wrestling provides the character with plenty of attack options, while the Performance specialty allows for a greater degree of mobility across a wide spectrum. There a several different striking skills and/or wrestling moves that can be traded out to allow the player to customize combat attacks and a number of ways to customize the Performance specialty to create a specific fighting styles. While there are not many starting skills in this role, there are a lot of different ways to attack.

Skill Trees

Unarmed Combat
(10 + 3 skills = 13 points)
• Brawling
• Evade
• Savage Striking

(10 + 5 skills = 15 points)
• Chokehold
• Escape
• Fling
• Grab
• Rush Moves

(5 + 2 skills = 7 points)
• Balance
• Tumbling

(2 skills = 2 points)
• Climbing
• Running

(1 skill = 1 points)
• Observation

(2 skills = 2 points)
• Dodge
• Search

Starting Gear

Those of this class have few needs in the realm of equipment, beginning play with only a suit of armor and travel pack, with options for a specialty kit*, tools*, or pack*, based on the starting wealth class. These packs do not have a specific monetary value, rather they are designed to ensure that starting characters have the basic gear they need to begin play. Substitutes for items of a roughly equal value may be made with GM approval.

♦ Impoverished
♦ Working Class
♦ Professional
♦ Capitalist
♦ Magnate
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