Melee combatants that have had formal training, often through military service, academies, or some type of warrior or mercenary guild, those in this role are trained on how to survive a fight. People choose to be soldiers for many reasons, but those who make it a profession typically have something to fight for, whether it be motivated by politics, religion, or a personal impetus. In general, they tend to be brave and confident in their leaders, understanding that to be successful each person must play their role, but with a strong instinct of self preservation.

Build Notes

Versatility is important among soldiers, while this build follows the medic path with the Medicine specialty, it is possible to switch this specialty out for Guile to follow an agent path, Scoutcraft for a marine path, Technocracy for an engineering path, or Statecraft for an officer path. By starting with two specialties, these characters begin with fewer skills, but have additional resources as they advance. The choice of skills is designed to provide an effective basis at low levels.

Skill Trees

Martial Combat
(20 + 5 skills = 25 points)
• Armor Proficiency
• Evade
• Fury Stance
• Swing
• Weapon Proficiency

(10 + 1 skill = 11 points)
• First Aide

(1 skill = 1 points)
• Running

(1 skill = 1 points)
• Observation

(2 skills = 2 points)
• Care
• Dodge

Starting Gear

Because versatility is in their nature, Soldiers have a number of optional components for their role packs. They begin play with a suit of heavy armor and traveler pack, but may either choose to use a shield and a one-handed weapon, two one-handed weapons, or a two-handed weapon, the quality of which is based on the starting wealth class. These gear packs do not have a specific monetary value, rather they are designed to ensure that starting characters have the basic gear they need to begin play. Substitutes for items of a roughly equal value may be made with GM approval.

♦ Impoverished
♦ Working Class
♦ Professional
♦ Capitalist
♦ Magnate
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