A grueling training in which in arduous discipline of the mind and body allows those with a psionic talent to achieve an enhanced state of Iin, giving them the ability to both mentally manipulate targets and unleash and control a metaphysical force with only a thought. This degree of accomplishment typically has a lasting effect on the disciple as they know that very few can achieve this level ability, causing them to see many as inferior. While some manage to find a degree of humility and are able to integrate well with the populace, it is those who are unhinged by this power that defines how they are viewed as a whole. In combat, the disciple is able to attack in several ways, mixing these disciplines to devastating effect.

Build Notes

The combination of Iinexsis and Iinilence Combat specialties leaves few points for skills within each and among the proficiencies. Most of the starting skills were selected to allow the disciple to achieve some degree of effectiveness initially, but more as a template to allow the character to be customized as they level up.

Skill Trees

Iinexsis Combat
(15 + 4 skills = 19 points)
• Batter
• Buffer
• Projectile
• Screen

Iinilence Combat
(15 + 3 skills = 18 points)
• Agonize
• Distract
• Mind Blank

(1 skill = 1 point)
• Observation

(2 skills = 2 points)
• Shoot
• Weapon Proficiency

Starting Gear

With a significant devotion to mental training, Disciples have few equipment needs, beginning play with a suit of armor, ranged weapon, and a traveler pack, the quality of which is based on the starting wealth class. These gear packs do not have a specific monetary value, rather they are designed to ensure that starting characters have the basic gear they need to begin play. Substitutes for items of a roughly equal value may be made with GM approval.

♦ Impoverished
♦ Working Class
♦ Professional
♦ Capitalist
♦ Magnate
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