The manner in which all hivryn view and are viewed by the people of the galaxy is largely dependent on their hive. There are three active hives across the galaxy, claiming more than than 10,000 systems. With the most expansive territory and by far the largest populations, they’re influence on galactic trade cannot be understated and it is only the role focus dominant in their civilizations and continued ability to expand into unexplored areas through the Lattice that keeps them from overrunning the galaxy.

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Isolated. Insular. Territorial. Dogmatic. The xenophobic Parhega (par-ay-gah) hive lays claim to the ancestral hivryn world of Hefa (ay-fa), fiercely defending that system as well as the others they claim in that sector of space. Segregating themselves from the rest of the galaxy, the little that is known about them comes from the hive rogues.

With a mix of tradition and advancement,  the Parhega Regent rules from the home world where all eggs are laid and hatched, tying every member of the hive to the terra upon which the first hivryn developed. The Regent never leaves the planet, in her stead influential females past their reproductive prime travel about their territory as queens, managing the economics, defense, and productivity of the hive. Dukes are selected only from specific lines and live to enforce the will of the Regent without question; while they often have decision making roles, their every action carries a dire accountability. Because of this, the duke’s tend to be tyrannical taskmasters with an excessive attention to detail. Workers are given a single role that they are expected to perform for their entire lives, in return, all of their worldly needs are cared for by the hive.

The Parhega hive has the most self-sufficient economy in the galaxy; internally they do not barter, conduct trade, or use currency, and they have no need or want for outside import, but will occasionally export excess raw resources in exchange for territory or technological advancements. Any trades are handled by an assigned matriarch who conducts business through a duke, using bots and holocomms for most interactions. Any vessel that enters their space without the express permission of the Regent is subject to immediate attack and destruction; the hive does not take prisoners.

Life in the hive is not luxurious or exciting, but neither is it harsh, so long as the roles are performed. Opportunities to leave the hive are rare, and while those who leave are not pursued, they may not return…ever. Parhega hivryn are often sought by corporations and the Hrendin hive because they are excellent workers, so much so that there are rumors of smugglers running transports in and out of their space.