¼Tools provide the characters with everything required to use specific skills, such as the professional and crafting skills included in the Background skill trees. To make things easier, where possible the tools are included in travel kits that include the basic requirements and allow adventurers the opportunity to use their skills during downtime even when in the wilds. In addition, kits may be refilled or refreshed at ¼ the total cost of the particular quality, assuming availability. Those listed in this section represent a cross-section of all the tools available, serving as a basis for any specific or custom items that may not be included in the list.

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Tools List

Statistical Definitions

This is the total amount that the items weighs, which factors into the character’s overall Carrying Capacity.

Utility Position Figure ImageAnything the character carries takes up space. A Utility Position is representative of that space. This number represents the amount of space that the item takes when being carried on the person.

All character’s have 8 Utility Positions and each number in the figure corresponds to part of the character’s body where gear is stored:

1 Right Hip – two slots (med size weapon or belt pouch)
2 Left Hip – two slots (med size weapon or belt pouch)
3 Front Right – one slot (belt purse)
4 Front Left – one slot (belt purse)
5 Rear Right – two slots (belt pouch)
6 Rear Left – two slots (belt pouch)
7 Chest – four to eight slots (rucksack, bandolier)
8 Back – two to eleven slots (backpack, sword/ bedroll)

All gear has an availability rating that defines where it can be found. The primary factors that determine this are available resources, likelihood of there being someone who can make it, and degree of demand in the area.

1Available in any civilized area
2Available in small towns
3Available in large towns
4Available in cities
5Scarce, difficult to find anywhere
6Rare, typically specifically crafted
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