In the Beginning…

Before there were people on Klaea there was the era of the World Aspects – Desert, Forest, Glacier, Hill, Marsh, Mountain, Ocean, Plains, River, Swamp, Tundra, and Valley. These fantastic beings were facets of the living world that defined her features and reflected the power and beauty of Klaea. Each of the Aspects were shaped and fueled by Gejeranos, the spiritual purity of Elemental Essence.

Embers of Gejeranos – the purity of fire – forged the Aspects, cleansing and reshaping them to perfection.

Soil of Gejeranos – the purity of land – served as the foundation of the Aspects, supporting and providing them with form.

Tears of Gejeranos – the purity of water – carried the substance of life and was responsible for all growth within the Aspects.

Breath of Gejeranos – the purity of air – maintained the balance of life, bringing Tears where needed and destruction where required.

Chaos of Velhovi

As the Aspects reigned, they formed a single continent called Thanolea and Klaea flourished, but there was more within Gejeranos than these four purities. From inherent order came chaos. Birthed in the convergence of the purities, Velhovi – the essence of magic – burst forth and brought change to Klaea. The Aspects found that through Velhovi they could control the purities and reshape themselves, but there was a cost. Manipulating the purities caused Gejeranos to crack, opening the way for Maeles – the essence of darkness.

Infected by Maeles, the Aspects fell out of balance, with each striving to gain control over Klaea. Utilizing the power of Velhovi, the Aspects began to craft beings from their individual facets, soldiers meant to take their fight to the other Aspects. Their actions sundered Thanolea, tearing the lands apart, turning Klaea against them and their creations.

Born of change and forged in darkness, the World Aspects had brought people to Klaea but gave so much to their creations that they lost themselves. These beings, children of the Aspects came to populate the world, building their societies within their parent aspects.

As they began to explore, differing groups inevitably met. Wars were waged, alliances formed, and so it continued, with new conflicts forever on the horizon. Unsatisfied with the battles they faced in their own lands, some took to the sea where they could find new cultures with which to clash and engage in greater wars, while others huddled among themselves to avoid these conflicts. And on it went, until the two greatest societies locked in a war for control that mirrored that of their parent Aspects, and will only end in annihilation.

Welcome to the world of Klaea – it’s time to pick a side.