Considered to be a primitive and savage people by most in the Empire, the Gul-Horde are a very loose alliance of barbarian clans inhabiting the sloped plains of the upper northwest. Covered in a variety of hardy trees, some growing up to towering heights, cold and rainy for most of the year, the land is filled with predators and prey, and the people who live there are somewhere in the middle of that food chain. While the population is primarily human, the occasional elf and feyuel can be found living among them, embracing the simple existence of nature being red in tooth and claw.


Agility: 8
Strength: 8
Constitution: 8
Knowledge: 8
Perception: 8
Influence: 8

Move Modifier: 6

Heal Modifier: 5

Attribute Points: 5

Story Points: 5

Gul-Horde Humans

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