Warrior Build

These are melee combatants who have had formal training, often through military service, local militia groups, or some type of relevant guild. In the most basic of terms, characters in this role are trained on how to survive a fight. The lure of this profession varies from a sense of responsibility to just having something to fight for, whether motivated by politics, religion, or some personal impetus. In general, they tend to be brave and confident in their leaders, understanding that to be successful each person must play their role, but with a strong instinct for self-preservation.

Build Notes

Versatility is important among warriors, while this build follows the medic path with the Medicine specialty, it is possible to switch this specialty out for Guile to follow a mercenary path or Scoutcraft for a ranger path. By starting with two costly specialties, these characters begin with fewer skills but have additional resources as they advance. The choice of skills is designed to provide an effective basis at low levels.


With the Warrior role, some of the optional Background Packages work better than others, to get started, six  recommendations are listed below:

  • Adventurer
  • Deserter
  • Mercenary
  • Nomad
  • Outcast
  • Ranger

Skill Trees

Martial Combat
(20 + 5 skills = 25 points)
• Armor Proficiency
• Evade
• Fury Stance
• Swing
• Weapon Proficiency

(10 + 1 skill = 11 points)
• First Aide

(1 skill = 1 points)
• Running

(1 skill = 1 points)
• Observation

(2 skills = 2 points)
• Care
• Dodge

Starting Gear

All Warriors begin play with a suit of armor and a choice of shield and melee weapon or two-handed weapon, the quality of which is based on the starting wealth class. Because these characters may carry a shield or a two-handed weapons, those who begin with an Explorer Pack may substitute a Haversack for the Backpack or spread the gear across other containers. These packs do not have a specific monetary value, rather they are designed to ensure that starting characters have the basic gear they need to begin play. Substitutes for items of a roughly equal value may be made with GM approval.

These characters are scraping by, living in communal areas when they can and sleeping on the ground when they can’t, with just enough money to manage a decent meal…on most days. Their meager possessions amount to:

  • Hide Armor (Poor)
  • Buckler (Poor) -and-
  • Simple Melee Weapon (Poor) -or-
  • Simple Two-Handed Weapon (Poor)
  • 3 local coins

Although hardworking, these characters have little to show for it, living in a semi-private communal area. Their careworn possessions include:

  • Scalemail or Chainmail (Poor)
  • Light Helm (Poor)
  • Battle Shield (Poor) -and-
  • Any Melee Weapon (Poor) –or-
  • Any Two-Handed Weapon (Poor)
  • Explorers Pack (Poor)
  • 25 local coins

Coming from a family of skilled tradespeople, low level civil servants, or lifelong military service, these characters have decent lodgings and a comfortable lifestyle. Their gear is fairly new and includes:

  • Scalemail or Chainmail (Standard)
  • Light Helm (Standard)
  • Any Shield (Standard) -and-
  • Any Melee Weapon (Standard) -or-
  • Any Two-Handed Weapon (Standard)
  • Explorers Pack (Standard)
  • 100 local coins

Coming from a family of landowners, business people, or mid level civil servants, wealth and power has long been a part of how they define themselves among their peers. This attitude shows in their gear which includes:

  • Any Medium Armor (Standard)
  • Any Helm (Standard)
  • Any Shield (Standard) -and-
  • Any Melee Weapon (Masterwork) -or-
  • Any Two-Handed Weapon (Masterwork)
  • Explorers Pack (Standard)
  • 250 local coins

Coming from a lifestyle of luxury beyond anything that most people can imagine, the very best is the only quality they will accept, which includes:

  • Any Medium Armor (Masterwork)
  • Any Helm (Masterwork)
  • Any Shield (Masterwork) -and-
  • Any Melee Weapon (Masterwork) -or-
  • Any Two-Handed Weapon (Masterwork)
  • Explorers Pack (Masterwork)
  • 750 local coins
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