Because most of the people on Klaea were created by the World Aspects, the little evolution in their existence is behavioral rather than physical. Those groups who acknowledge Parent Aspects have complex relationships with that past that shape their culture. Regardless, they have a shared genesis that varies only slightly across the world.

The primary event of genesis is the Sundering – when the massive land of Thanolea split into the five continents that make up the world. This carried people to different parts of the world, and it is from there that the first age of civilization began.

On each continent, cultures were shaped by outside forces. Imprisonment and slavery, forced migrations, and pilgrimages pushed them to adapt and grow. But perhaps leftover from the corruption that destroyed the World Aspects, they were beset with wars. Sometimes with monsters, at other times among themselves, but ever-present.

It is in this world that these species were forged, with each finding their own path. But this is only where the story begins, in the end, how will your character be remembered?

Klaea is home to twelve species with a total of twenty-two playable options.