For those intent on leaving the safety of home and journeying out in the world, it important to have the proper gear. These packs provide a mix of items and Reserved slots to provide the equipment necessary to survive the wilds, if not the creatures that inhabit them. Having Reserved slots allows the character to select any item in the Explorers Gear list (up to a certain cost), and pull it out of the pack when needed, becoming a permanent part of inventory until used up or discarded. The number of these Reserved slots vary by quality, and matches that of the pack itself.

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Pack List
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Statistical Definitions

This is the total amount that the items weighs, which factors into the character’s overall Carrying Capacity.

The purpose of the Reserved slot is to provide players who may not be as familiar with the world as the characters who inhabit it the opportunity to assume they have the correct gear. During the course of an adventure, the character can pull a number of items out of the pack based on the quality limits, and within reason. GMs may choose to disallow specific gear based on the circumstances.

This is an meta aspect of the game that may be used or ignored. For those choosing not to use the Reserved slots, at the time of purchase, the player may choose gear to put in these UP, or leave them empty.

All gear has an availability rating that defines where it can be found. The primary factors that determine this are available resources, likelihood of there being someone who can make it, and degree of demand in the area.

IPInside Pocket (1UP ea)
SPSide Pocket (1UP ea)
FPFront Pocket (2UP)
LLashed Items (1UP* ea)

*For lashed items on backpacks, while only one item may be lashed, the items may be bulkier in size, up to 2UP.

An optional rule to minimize game time spent on minutiae, when arriving in a town with the available resources, characters can choose to purchase a refill of their existing pack, which assumes repairing any damage and replacing used up or lost items (within reason).