Klaea (pronounced clay-ah), is a temperate-cool world of medium size that revolves around its sun every 364 days, with about 108 days of summer and winter and 74 days of spring and fall, varying by polar and equatorial proximity. It has five major continents, two of which are located at the poles, with Nalren being the smallest followed by Kendi. Almathia is a supercontinent whose populace is gathered in the northwest, with the majority of its landmass undiscovered and ruthless. One ocean and five seas round out the turbulent environment.

About the World

Klaea is dominated by two warring nations. The Malikal Empire sits on one side of the conflict, with the Sunborn Hegemony of Almathia on the other. Caught in the middle are the factions of Nalren, whose practices and resources are coveted by both nations. Meeting roughly a millennia after their founding, religious, moral, and philosophical doomed any chance to establish trade and the two sides found themselves locked in conflict.

Separated by the dangerously deep Tethi Sea, where storms form randomly and may rage for hours or weeks at a time, and ships inexplicably disappear on calm waters, would seem to discourage the conflict. Instead, both sides use the Cliflier Seaway and Nevermir Cooridor to make their way to one another. Whether landing soldiers to take the battle to their respective people, engaging in massive naval battles along the sea routes, or sabotaging one anothers diplomatic relations, the conflict can show up anywhere at almost anytime.

Magic in the World

The ability to wield magic is more than just study, it requires a sensitivity that very few possess, and a foundation object that serves as a link to the essence of magic. For centuries, casters on Kendi and Almathia learned how to shape the mystic powers of Velhovi, it was not until the Empire made contact with shamans on Nalren that the rest of the world was introduced to elemental magic.

Learning to link elemental essence to a foundation object nearly changed the world, giving the Empire a naval advantage that would have won them the war, if the Falian had not betrayed them, selling the knowledge to Almathia.

The Moon

The Hunter. the Traveler. The Shifter. Klaea’s lone moon is known by different names in different lands. Most on Kendi consider it a sign of foreshadowing or luck, especially in terms of hunting. Travel in the high mountains of Nalren typically revolves around the phases of the moon. And for Almathians it is an integral part of their religion and the influence of their god Soelz.